Trends 2020: Top 5 Sunglasses

The sunglasses trends have been super on-point for the last few years. From Cat Eye to Aviators, sunglasses are a must-have accessory to any outfit, especially during the warm weather months. You just can't go out on a sunny day without a good pair of sunglasses.

So let's give you a quick and thorough overview of 2020 sunglasses trends with some links for you to shop my favorites;)

Butterfly sunglasses are basically bigger cat sunglasses that wing out a bit more on the bottom and look like butterflies. Regarding the style, they are super chic and one of my favorites.

50's inspired Cat Eye sunglasses have changed slightly and gotten even more dramatic this year. The skinnier the better, and I mean that literally.

Classics and timeless, Aviators are here to stay. This summer they are small and somewhat circular, colorful, and with a string.

Oversized square sunglasses can come in thin or thick frames and a variety of colors. They should be a little large and exaggerated.

Do you want to take your outfits to the next level? If your answer is yes, you should give a try to geometric sunglasses, right now popular in all shapes (from squarish to octagon) and sizes (from large to small).

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